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Founded to redefine workforce development solutions in Australia, eflr Group transcends the traditional role of accredited industry training providers and consultants. At the heart of our philosophy is the conviction that education-based strategies and solutions are pivotal for personal, professional, and corporate growth.

Embracing and implementing Exponential Organisations (EXO) principles, eflr Group positions itself not merely as a collaborator in business partnerships but as a disruptor and innovator. Our approach is meticulously crafted to challenge conventional norms using new technologies, including AI, introducing new, groundbreaking methods to serve our clients. We integrate education and other comprehensive turnkey services into Australian companies, aiming to significantly enhance workforce development, strategy, compliance, and governance – contributing to positive financial returns.

Our expanding group of companies embodies our Massive Transformative Purpose (MTP):

Create Ai education solutions that disrupt traditional models – and positively impact the lives of over 1 million people in the process.

We encourage you to scroll down and discover each business within our group.

Techskill Academy

Techskill Academy

Techskill Academy, our nationally accredited RTO trades & services arm of eflr Group, offers an extensive portfolio of over 60 nationally recognised qualifications and courses. Catering to a wide range of sectors, such as construction, energy, civil construction, leadership, workplace health and safety, and other blue-collar industries, Techskill Academy is dedicated to collaborating with clients and enhancing workforce efficiencies through strategic educational and workforce partnerships. Emphasising flexibility and customisation, our training is delivered entirely online, providing clients with a variety of tailored solutions, including workforce assessments, specialised programs, courses for skilled professionals, white-label training platforms and comprehensive online workforce inductions, among others.

- Nationally Accredited Training Programs.

- Comprehensive Workforce Personal Development Programs.

- Strategic Workforce Development Initiatives.

- Detailed Workforce Assessments.

- RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Assessments for Employees.

- Streamlined Online Workforce Induction Processes.

- Customisable, Client-Branded Online LMS (Learning Management System) Training Services.

- Bespoke Course Development Services.

- Innovative Staff Attraction Strategies.

- Effective Staff Retention Strategies and More.

Predominantly operating within the building and construction sector, both residential and commercial, our organisation plays a pivotal role in shaping Australia's national industry landscape. Our extensive array of courses, which includes specialised training in work health and safety, leadership, and project management, allows us to extend our services across a broad spectrum of Australian blue-collar companies and industries. This includes sectors such as building and construction, civil construction, oil and gas, construction leadership, manufacturing, and business operations. Our diverse range of offerings ensures that we cater to the multifaceted needs of these sectors, underpinning our commitment to our clients. 

Proudly a locally owned and operated Australian company.

Nationwide operations servicing all states and territories.

Over 50 years of collective experience within our management team.

Highly skilled industry trainers and assessors

Ranked in the top 8% of Registered Training Organisations (RTOs) in Australia.

Recognised as an Exponential Organisation (EXO).

Achieved a 100% success rate in our latest federal audit.

The only RTO in Australia specialising and delivering construction licensing services.

Nominated for the Telstra Business of the Year award three times.

Josh, a Techskill client, aimed to enhance his team's expertise and commitment to safety by certifying 14 construction site supervisors with a Certificate IV in WHS. Understanding the dual benefits of staff training for both employee retention and mitigating risk for his company, Josh reached out to Techskill for a comprehensive solution.

Upon contacting us, Josh provided the necessary details of his workers. We took a hands-on approach, conducting an assessment by personally reaching out to each worker. For those preferring digital communication, we facilitated this process digitally. Within a week, all workers were assessed.

Our next step was to develop a clear training plan. We communicated the program's requirements and structure to Josh for his review. After a few meetings and meeting with his management team we secured a project plan.

We then began the RPL process, which we personalised over the phone and had enrolments completed in under a week. The training was entirely online, so we created a company-branded training portal, complete with a welcoming message from their CEO, setting the narrative for the team. This portal laid out the objectives and hosted a Q&A session for all participants.

Recognising the value of ongoing support, we established a monthly live webinar for all 14 workers, providing a platform for real-time interaction and Q&A sessions. Throughout the process, we maintained consistent, fortnightly updates to Josh, keeping him informed of the progress, including a monthly status report.

The result was a resounding success. All 14 workers completed their training on schedule, achieving certification and elevating the safety standards and capabilities of Josh's team.

National Licensing

As a vital part of eflr Group, National Licensing specialises in ensuring that your workforce is fully and legally licensed, in line with state commission guidelines. We understand the importance of adequate licensing in high-risk industries like the construction industry - from site supervisor licensing, corporate licensing, trade licenses to builder licenses and more. Our service is designed to remove the time-consuming burden of licensing compliance from your organisation, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. With National Licensing, you can trust that your licensing requirements are managed correctly and efficiently, ensuring your team is qualified and your projects and workforces are compliant.

- Licensing Assessments for Workforce Compliance

- Free Client Guidance on Licensing Requirements

- Eligibility Analysis and Criteria Matrix

- Skills Assessment for individuals and workforces

- Provision of accredited Qualifications for Licensing Applications

- Consultation regarding industry-specific Insights

- Navigation Assistance for Building Commission Protocols

- Comprehensive Application Management Services

- Handling of Application Submissions on behalf of employees

Our licensing expertise spans many years within the building and construction industry, encompassing all disciplines, from low-rise residential projects to medium-rise and high-rise commercial construction, landscaping, trades and services and company / trust applications. We are deeply involved in upstream projects in a wide variety of industry sectors, providing specialised services to trades and services businesses and commercial organisations. Our services extend to all states in Australia, ensuring a comprehensive national reach.

- The only licensing business in Australia offering dual services in licensing and accredited qualifications for turnkey eligibility

- Ai-driven knowledge bank technology delivering fast data to improve client engagement

- Backed by a local team with extensive local knowledge and years of experience

- Complimentary initial consultation for commercial clients

- A locally owned and operated Australian company

- Comprehensive nationwide coverage, operating across all states and territories

- Distinguished as an Exponential Organisational (EXO)

- Successful submission of hundreds of client applications, demonstrating a track record of success

- Comprehensive turnkey services are provided all under one roof, streamlining your licensing and consultancy needs

Barry a client of National Licensing was faced with a challenging situation with 30 staff across various sites, and his compliance team struggled to manage construction qualifications and licensing records, raising concerns about illegal operations. The situation escalated when an accident occurred on site, pushing Barry into a state of urgency. With his HR trainee gone and the HR manager overwhelmed, Barry turned to us at National Licensing for help.

Identifying his urgency and concern, we moved quickly - within three days, we conducted comprehensive searches on all staff, covering qualifications and licensing, and organised the findings in a detailed spreadsheet for Barry. Our analysis quickly pinpointed critical risks: three staff members with expired licenses, a site supervisor lacking proper qualifications and licenses, and 6 workers with outdated construction qualifications.

We swiftly developed a matrix and proposed a continuous project plan, addressing these issues head-on. In less than a week, we mitigated Barry's risk and potential legal issues. We expedited the licensing process for his unlicensed staff, completing it in under 30 days, submitted, and facilitated Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for his other employees, updating all their qualifications within 90 days.

In just three months, we transformed Barry's business into a compliant, legally sound operation, eliminating his legal non-compliance.

National Licensing

Open Education Academy

Open Education Academy

As a key pillar of eflr Group, Open Education Academy (OEA) represents our dedicated brand for professional training and development. We offer an extensive selection of over 30 nationally accredited programs, alongside Career Kickstarter courses for those seeking employment and a variety of non-accredited professional development options. Our offerings range from comprehensive full qualifications to accessible, low-cost short courses covering areas such as business, leadership, finance, human resources, and professional development, including a soon to be released mini-MBA program.

OEA is committed to serving a diverse clientele, focusing on professional clients across various sectors. We cater to the unique needs of government bodies, corporate enterprises, employment agencies and similar organisations, providing tailored learning solutions that drive career advancement and organisational growth. Our courses are designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today's dynamic business environment.

- Comprehensive Employee Assessments

- In-depth Workforce Assessments

- Competitive Corporate Pricing Options

- Client Built White-Label LMS (Learning Management System) Services

- Aggregation Services for Client-Specific Courses

- Custom Course Development

- White-Label Online Induction Services for corporates

- Innovative Staff Attraction Services

- Effective Staff Retention Strategies

- Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) available for all courses

Our expertise spans a wide array of industry sectors, making us a versatile partner for corporates, SMEs, government bodies, and beyond. We have successfully collaborated with clients across various fields, including but not limited to health, retail, finance, recruitment services, technology, education, and construction. This extensive experience equips us to understand and address the unique challenges and opportunities within each sector. Our ability to adapt and provide customised solutions is reflected in our diverse client portfolio, demonstrating our commitment to meeting the specific needs of each industry we serve.

- Expert Local Support Team with Years of Industry Experience

- Free Initial Consultation for Commercial Clients

- Proudly Australian-Owned and Operated

- Nationwide Reach Across All States and Territories

- Full Online Course Delivery

- Recognised Exponential Organisation (EXO)

- Nationally Recognised and Licensed Industry Training for the 21st Century

- Flexible, Innovative Solutions for Corporate Clients.

- Tailored Course Development

One of our clients approached OEA with a challenge in their department related to staff inductions for projects. The existing process was causing frustration and inefficiency due to outdated content and a classroom-based delivery method, which was inconvenient and logistically challenging.

Upon a thorough week-long evaluation, we identified that their induction program was not only outdated, missing critical legislative information, but also inefficient due to its traditional, in-person format. We recommended a complete overhaul – updating the induction content to reflect current legislative standards and transitioning to a digital format.

Our solution involved digitising the entire induction process into an interactive, user-friendly platform customised with our client’s branding, colours, and themes. This new system was designed to be engaging, incorporating graphics, videos, and interactive scenarios. We also integrated automated email notifications to streamline communication with their HR team.

The result was a modern, online induction system, fully automated and maintained by the OEA and eflr Group teams. This transformation not only resolved the initial challenges but also maximised time efficiency, reduced costs, and minimised risk, all for a low cost per worker. Our client’s now enjoys a streamlined, 21st-century induction process maintained by OEA that aligns with their operational needs and caters to future growth at a fraction of their previous costs.

Clients We Work With


Kane Constructions

We wanted a course that was tailored to our company Safety system. We also wanted scheduled face to face group sessions relevant to the construction industry. Techskill Academy listened to our needs, provided a great course, and dovetailed a great course facilitator.

Future Fitouts

 I have personally utilised the services of the Techskill Academy team to further advance my qualifications to upgrade my Builders Licence with QBCC and would have no hesitation in recommending them in the future

Digital Marketing Labs

OEA is cost and time effective and delivered in a way that works with my current commitments. Their Australian based support team is also extremely friendly and helpful. Highly recommend OEA! 10/10 service.

Go2 Group

The dedicated team at Techskill Academy was very helpful and professional. They were quick and easy to deal with. Special thanks to Blake and the rest of the team. Would highly recommend!



Great course, very good information explained well. Not just reading from a textbook, real-life situations and common-sense learning included.


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