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Founded with a vision to revolutionise workforce development, EFLR Group goes beyond conventional industry training and consultancy. Central to our philosophy is the belief that integrating education-based strategies with innovative approaches and cutting-edge technologies is essential for achieving personal, professional, and corporate excellence.

Embracing and implementing Exponential Organisations (EXO) principles, EFLR Group positions itself not just as a business partner but as a disruptor and innovator. Our approach, developed in collaboration with our clients, challenges conventional norms through the use of advanced technologies and 21st-century methodologies, perfectly suited for the new gig economy.

We achieve this by integrating education and other comprehensive turnkey services into companies, aiming to significantly enhance workforce development outcomes. Our approach identifies and implements actionable strategies, improves compliance and governance, and addresses complex problems, such as attracting, developing and retaining talent, while contributing to positive financial returns for our clients.

Our journey began as a private training organisation during the peak of the Coal Seam gas boom, serving some of the largest oil and gas companies globally. From there, we evolved into an industry wide EdTech organisation expanding servicing multiple industries both nationally and internationally.

Our expanding group of companies embodies our Massive Transformative Purpose and EdTech philosophy:

Create workforce solutions that disrupt traditional methods & positively impact the lives of over 1 million people in the process.

We encourage you to scroll down and discover each business within our group.

Techskill Academy

Techskill Academy

Techskill Academy, the nationally accredited RTO trades and services arm of EFLR Group, offers an extensive portfolio of over 60 nationally recognised qualifications and courses. Serving a wide range of sectors - Including construction, energy, civil construction, leadership, workplace health and safety, and other skilled trades - Techskill Academy is committed to enhancing workforce efficiencies through strategic educational and workforce partnerships. Our training, delivered entirely online, emphasises flexibility and customisation, providing clients with tailored solutions such as workforce assessments, specialised programs, courses for skilled professionals, white-label training platforms, and comprehensive online workforce inductions, among others.

- Nationally Accredited Training Programs

- Comprehensive Workforce Personal Development Programs

- Strategic Workforce Development Initiatives

- Workforce Assessments

- RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) Assessments

- Streamlined Online Workforce Induction Processes

- Customisable, Client-Branded Online LMS (Learning Management System) Services.

- Bespoke Course Development Services.

- Innovative Staff Attraction Strategies.

- Effective Staff Retention Strategies and More.

Predominantly operating within the building and construction sector—including residential, low-rise, medium-class, and open-class—our organisation plays a pivotal role in shaping Australia's national industry landscape. Our extensive array of courses, which includes specialised training in work health and safety, leadership, and project management, allows us to extend our services across a broad spectrum of Australian skilled trades companies and industries. This includes sectors such as building and construction, civil construction, oil and gas, construction leadership, manufacturing, and business operations. Our diverse range of offerings ensures that we cater to the multifaceted needs of these sectors, underscoring our commitment to our clients.

Proudly a locally owned and operated Australian company.

Nationwide operations servicing all states and territories.

Top 6% of RTOs in Australia (ASQA enrolment reporting).

Over 75 years of collective experience within our management team.

Scored 100% on our 2024 federal audit with the Australian Skills & Quality Authority.

National network of skilled industry trainers and assessors.

Recognised as an Exponential Organisation (EXO).

Achieved a 100% success rate in our latest federal audit.

The only RTO in Australia specialising in construction licensing services.

Nominated for the Telstra Business of the Year award three times.

National Licensing

As a vital part of EFLR Group, National Licensing specialises in ensuring that your workforce is fully and legally licensed in accordance with state commission guidelines. We understand the critical importance of proper licensing in high-risk industries such as construction—from site supervisor licensing and corporate licensing to trade licenses and builder licenses. Our service is designed to relieve your organisation of the time-consuming burden of licensing compliance, allowing you to focus on your core business operations. With National Licensing, you can trust that your licensing requirements are managed correctly and efficiently, ensuring your team is qualified and your projects and workforces are compliant.

- Licensing Assessments for Workforce Compliance

- Free Client Help Line

- Licence Eligibility Checks, Analysis and Criteria Matrix

- Specialist Construction Legal Services

- Skills Assessment for individuals and companies

- Provision of accredited Qualifications for Licensing Applications

- Consultation regarding industry-specific Insights

- Access to education funding initiatives

- Navigation Assistance for Building Commission Protocols and Laws

- Comprehensive Application Management Services

- Handling of Application Submissions on behalf of employees

Our licensing expertise spans many years within the building and construction industry, encompassing all disciplines from low-rise residential projects to medium-rise and high-rise commercial construction, landscaping, trades and services, and company/trust applications. We are deeply involved in upstream projects across a wide variety of industry sectors, providing specialised services to trades and services businesses and commercial organisations. Our services extend to all states in Australia, ensuring a comprehensive national reach.

- Turnkey licensing services

- Ai-driven knowledge bank technology delivering fast data to improve client engagement

- Backed by a local team with extensive local knowledge and years of experience

- Complimentary initial consultation for commercial clients

- A locally owned and operated Australian company

- Comprehensive nationwide coverage, operating across all states and territories

- Distinguished as an Exponential Organisational (EXO)

- Successful submission of hundreds of client applications, demonstrating a track record of success

National Licensing



As a cornerstone of the EFLR Group, Open Education Academy (OEA) embodies our commitment to professional training and development through innovative EdTech solutions. We provide an extensive portfolio of over 30 nationally accredited programs, alongside Career Kickstarter courses for job seekers and a variety of non-accredited professional development options for governments and corporates. Our offerings span comprehensive full qualifications to affordable, low-cost short courses in fields such as business, leadership, finance, mental health, human resources, and more.

OEA is dedicated to serving a diverse clientele, focusing on professional clients across various sectors. We cater to the unique needs of government bodies, corporate enterprises, employment agencies, and similar organisations, providing tailored learning solutions that drive career advancement and organisational growth. Our courses are designed to equip professionals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in today's dynamic employment and business environment.

- Comprehensive Employee Assessments

- Access to education funding initiatives

- In-depth Workforce Assessments

- Competitive Corporate Pricing Options

- Client Built White-Label LMS (Learning Management System) Services

- Aggregation Services for Client-Specific Courses

- Custom Course Development

- White-Label Online Induction Services for corporates

- Innovative Staff Attraction Services

- Effective Staff Retention Strategies

- Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) available for all courses

Our expertise spans a broad spectrum of industry sectors, making us a versatile partner for corporates, SMEs, government bodies, and beyond. We have successfully collaborated with clients in diverse fields, including health, government, health services, retail, finance, recruitment services, technology, education, and construction. This extensive experience enables us to understand and address the unique challenges and opportunities within each sector. Our adaptability and commitment to providing customised solutions are reflected in our diverse client portfolio, showcasing our dedication to meeting the specific needs of every industry we serve.

- Expert Local Support Team with Years of Industry Experience

- Free Initial Consultation for Commercial Clients

- Proudly Australian-Owned and Operated

- Nationwide Reach Across All States and Territories

- Full Online Course Delivery

- Recognised Exponential Organisation (EXO)

- Nationally Recognised and Licensed Industry Training for the 21st Century

- Flexible, Innovative Solutions for Corporate Clients.

- Tailored Course Development

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